Monday, June 27, 2011

Glam it up...

I made these little rosettes from t-shirt and scrap fabric that i had! They are so fun big or small...for little or big girls and can be worn lots of ways. My favorite is small on a bobby pin or clipped as a broach!! Super easy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a little somthin' somthin'

I found this coral shirt at the Down east Tent sale for 5 one get one free! So of course I got two..and I just needed to spice it up a little bit with some love and it was perfect! The possibilities are be creative and come up with something!
Step 1: Two identical shirts
Step 2 : Cut the back up of the one that you DON'T want to wear....
Step 3: Cut a few strips...(I only used three...) But you can use as many or as little as you want.
Step 4: I used my thickest zig zag stitch to create a "seam" look down the middle of the strip!
Step 5: I layed the seamed strip and tucked the unfinished edges under.
Step 6: This is where i got creative...I just twisted and turned and designed up a little somthin' on the upper left corner. Like I said possibilities are endless so be creative!
Step 7: It was still missing that wow I took a third strip of fabric and cut it into four pieces (not equal) just eye it up...and roll them into flowers and I put then on the crossroads of the strips!!
And that's it...Your done!! When I was taking these pictures, Brian came in and said "what are you doing..." I said taking a make it Monday picture and HE was in shock. He said you made that shirt..."NO YOU DIDNT" rely..."Yes hubby...I DID ! " Such a simple project and it turned out so fun!!!
Make it, and love it because its all yours! [You can really do this, so easy and you can personalize it you your style]....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Frump to Fab....

This little beauty was way fun to make...pretty simple, but I liked it that way. I could have added ruffles or things to the front but out of laziness i didn't...but i love the end result!
6 dollar DI dress...
Step 1: Cut it to the length I likedStep 2: Cut the neck off to regular flat neck line...Step 3: Cut off puffy sleeves (save of re-use)Step 4: At this point my camera picture in your pretty little minds...I hemmed all three places that I cut....then like my Easter dress( i made my own sleeve) scroll on my regular blog to find my Easter dress tutorial! and up that is it!!! I paired it with a flattering belt and viola...from frump to fab in about an hour!! YOUR turn ladies....Make it....wear it...and love it RIGHT!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

*Storage Basket...HOMEADE STYLE*

SICK of the clutter around your house. do you need some storage containers to help with that? Well if you don't want to pay the price for some like I did...then this is the solution for you!

HAPPY Organizing every one!
NOW go make one and LOVE IT!!!
P. S: I am thinking of adding a bow like she did...but i cant decide if i like the simplicity of it or not. Also you could do the same things and just buy a basket from the DI...the have a whole isle dedicated for this project!! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Red &Yellow, my favorite combination...♥

This was fun ~ fun project! This is for you sis...enjoy! So my sis and I were shopping the local DI a few weeks ago and we found this ugly huge yellow t-shirt and a plain red sweater. My idea's started rolling...sis has been wanting more cardi's and new clothes and so I figured I would make her some. I LOVE love LOVE me a cardigan and I HATE hate HATE the price tag that comes with for 3.00 you can make you a new one yourself. So I took that red shirt, cut a seam straight down the front...and viola...a cardigan! (Now it is very light weight and the material naturally rolls after washing,a and does not if you can find a shirt with those requirements you can have a cardigan in a cinch!)
Step 1: The shirt was very big on me so I cut the seams on the side and inner sleeve down about two inches to make it more fitted :)
Step 2: Take coordinating lace, and cut strips to fit from top to bottom on the shirt. (you don't have to do strips...the possibilities are creative)
Step 3: Pin those bad boys into place!
Step 4: Sew them straight into place!
Step 5: Cut three strips more of lace, 1 big, and 2 half the size of the big one, and then ruffle them up :)
Step 6: Pin into place, long one in the middle and short ones directly to the side of them, and sew them down.
Step 7: Now sew your sides and inner sleeves back up!
Viola~~~~~ DONE with the shirt!
But since I was LOVING this lace and I was feeling bold, I decided to bling everything up with a frilly little broach! (who doesn't like a frilly broach....).
Step 8: Cut a strip of lace, four inches wide and 30 inches (or longer) in length. The thicker and longer the puffier the flower....go big or go home in my opinion! Ruffle the strip and tie the ends together and knot securely!
Step 9: hot glue a felt piece and pin and that's all folks! Piece of cake!
*** Now sit back and enjoy***
Wear the broach high or low....or not at all. Also this is the shirt just classy ehh?
P.S...should I clean my mirror?? ( I really didn't even notice how bad it was....sorry ;) )
Now really guys...its YOUR turn...PLEASE pretty PLEASE go do it! And then TELL/SHOW me!!
***Make it ....Wear it...Rock it...LOVE it! ***

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

...Spring Decor...

Spring Decor...on the cheap!!

♥Total cost...25 cents!♥

♥(for the gold cup thingy,the birdhouse i found when cleaning my moms basement)♥

***For the yellow flower arrangement...ALL i did was spray the gold yellow...that is it! and fancied her up with a bow and bright flowers...come on, does it get any easier than that?***
***Birdhouse instructions***


Well ladies...that is it...head over to the DI for some great spring finds and then dig through your craft supplies and see if you can do it! Really this is super duper easy....hence the reason for the post life is way busy right now, SO i can still craft with a busy schedule! And this is how you do it!!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hey Guys....hope you like the new layout and way of doing my "make it Monday" post's! I mainly wanted to separate this from my family blog! Thanks for stopping by...I hope you enjoy...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some comments. So feel free to talk away and let me know if I am getting any love up in this place! ♥

P.S....Scroll down to see the latest and greatest of Make it Monday!

...Dresser Drawer turned Laundry Shelf...

Hey my Craft-o-hollics...So sorry there has been no love in the craft department for 2 weeks now! Super busy with a toddler and making over my blog and holidays and blah blah blah!

Any way, this is NOTHING Speacial and I debated posting it..cause it really is BORING....but its somewhat creative and works so....with out further adou...

I turned this ugly old dresser drawer into a laundry room shelf! With the help of some screws, paint, mod podge, and paper!

Step 1: Painted the pretty thing up...

Step 2:Measured paper and let dry...

Step 3: Mod podge paper down into the drawer

Step 4: Let dry and sand up the edgges!!


And this is how she hangs ladies....I hate the black screws and am debating on covering them with paper...but since I am basically the only one who ever see's this pretty little space of a laundry "room" I am being super lazy about it and am ignoring it!

{NOW} YOU know it....Its your turn...make it and love it sistas!!

P>S I do have some re fashions coming up! So check back k~